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Phoenix de Los Flamingos SL
CIF B93252245

c/o M&W Abogados SL
Calle Jésus Puente 27
29660 Puerto Banús
Málaga, España
Mobile +32475489494

Thanks a lot for your enquiry!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required to secure a booking ?

    We need a signed copy of the rental agreement and a copy of the passport (or EU ID Card for EU residents) of each guest. Once your booking is confirmed, you will be able to upload a scan of those documents in the guest section of this website.

    We need to receive the payment of your reservation fee which corresponds to 30% of the rental fee.
  • What is the rental deposit ? 

    In order to cover the possible damages, we request a deposit of €500 to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to your check-in date. The deposit will be refunded in all or in part after a check-out inventory, no longer than 2 weeks after your check-out date.
  • When do I need to pay the remaining of the rental fee ?

    The remaining 70% are to be received at least 30 days prior to your check-in date.
  • How do I make the payments ?

    For security and cost-efficiency reasons, we only accept bank wire transfers to our corporate Sabadell Bank Account in EUR (Euro). For non-European transfers, please make sure that all bank and currency charges are taken care of.
    • Phoenix de Los Flamingos S.L., Mirador de Los Flamingos, Flamingos II, 29679, Benahavís, Málaga, Spain.
    • IBAN: ES61 0081 0678 4600 0193 1697
  • What is the Cancellation Policy ?

    • Up to 90 days before check-in: 10% cancellation fee.
    • Between 90 days and 30 days before check-in: 30% cancellation fee.
    • Less than 30 days before check-in: 100% cancellation fee.
    • The paid deposit is always refunded in case of cancellation.
    We encourage you to subscribe your own cancellation insurance.
  • What about linens and towels ?

    All our properties are equiped like in a luxury hotel. We provide professional quality linen and towels in all bathrooms (4 towels per persons), together with shower gel and shampoo.
  • What guest information do I get for the rental ?

    • GPS position of the property and directions from Málaga International Aiport.
    • How to use the keys and remote control for fences and garage door.
    • Identification of the reserved parking garage.
    • Wi-Fi Router and access code.
    • What to do when checking in.
    • What to do when checking out.
    • How to use the safes.
    • How to use the remote control for TV and Satellite tuner / decoder.
    • How to use the SONOS sound system.
    • Useful contacts and phone numbers.
    • This illustrated guest guide will be available in PDF format in your guest section of this website before your check-in.
  • What is the standard bedroom configuration and can it be changed ?

    • The main bedroom has a double bed.
    • The second bedroom has two single beds.
    • However the configuration of each bedroom can be changed upon request.
    • There is a 50€ charge for reconfiguration for residency of one week or less.
  • Is there an inventory list ?

    A complete illustrated inventory list will be available in PDF format in your guest section of this website before your check-in.
  • What charges are included and what are the extras ?

    Our rental fees include 10% VAT. They include electricity and water consumption for a responsible usage (e.g. switching off heating / airco when opening a window or leaving the property for the day, etc). We request cleaning and laundry services after your check-out to restore the property to the state in which you found it at check-in, for which we charge 90€ for single bedroom occupancy (1-2 guests) and 100€ for double bedroom occupancy (3-4 guests).

    In case of residency for two weeks in a row or more, we provide 1 free intermediary weekly cleaning, laundry, shower gel and shampoo refill service and free bedroom reconfiguration upon request.

    Should you need a more frequent service during your stay, the above rate will be charged each time. Please request this service in advance of your arrival.
  • Are there compulsory check-in and check-out days and hours?

    Standard weekly rentals are from Saturday to Saturday, unless agreed before. For logistics reasons, non standard check-in / check-out dates can only be granted in low reservation periods.

    The standard check-in time is 16:00 and the standard check-out time is 10:00. Non-standard check-in / check-out times need prior agreement and can only be granted when the property is not booked "back-to-back".
  • Can I rent a property for less than a week ?

    Yes. However our pricing policy is not optimized for very short term rental, unlike a hotel. We'll be happy to give you a quote for shorter rental upon request.
  • Can I rent a property for several weeks in a row ?

    Yes. Subject to availability, we have discount policies for multi-weeks rental, in addition to free cleaning and laundry service once a week, please place your request.
  • Do I need a car ?

    Although the properties can be reached by public transportation (up to a certain distance from the property) and taxi, we highly recommend you to have your own car or rent one at the Málaga airport. We do no have any special agreement wiith any rental car company but we find that RecordGo and GoldCar quite often offer the best rates. Each property has covered secure parking.
  • What does "Pending" in the property calendar mean ?

    "Pending" means that those days have been requested but the booking process is not complete yet (waiting for documents or payment of reservation fee). Should you request dates that are "Pending", you will get priority in case the initial booking cannot be completed. Once a "Pending" reservation is complete, the status changes to "Booked".
  • What are the low, mid, high seasons ?

    The rental rates vary from the time of the year.  The type of season in represented with a color code in the property calendar. Should your booking overlap two types of seasons, the overal rental rate will be computed pro-rata the number of days in each season.
  • Are pets allowed in the properties ?

    Pets are NOT allowed in the properties.
  • Is smoking permitted in the properties ?

    Smoking is NOT permitted inside the property.
  • Can I buy food, drinks and utilities near the properties ?

    Yes. Although we are not associated with any grocery store, we glady provide you with a list of recommanded stores and night shops in the vicinity of our properties.
  • Are there recommended restaurants near the properties ?

    Yes. We live in the paradise of international cuisine. Although we are not associated with any restaurant, we gladly provide you with a recommanded set of restaurants offering various types of cuisine, based on our own experience and the experience of our guests. In exchange you are encouraged to share with us the nice restaurants that you discover by yourself.
  • Are there recommended places to visit and activities to do ?

    Yes. There are always so many things to do and never enough time. Although we are not associated with any of those places, we will gladly inform and advise you.
  • Are there any preferred rates and conditions for Golf and Spa ?

    Yes. Should you rent one of our properties in Los Flamingos, we have various special deals with Villa Padierna Golf and Spa Resort, up to full membership status. Please inquire.
  • Can I rent sports equipment ?

    Yes. We live in a sports paradise. Although we are not associated with any sports equipment rental company, you can have top quality golf equipment, bikes, watersports, etc, delivered to your rental property. Travel light !
  • Are there medical facilities near the properties ?

    Yes. We are located in the midst of doctors, specialists, clinics and hospitals that are treating international patients and therefore speak multiple languages. There are also plenty of pharmacies.
  • Any additional questions ?

    Please use the contact page to place your questions.
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